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    Improves assets penetration, Moisturizes and tones

    Small, portable, pen-like device

microneedles pen


A new technique of aesthetic micro-puncture.

Beauty professionals  are assembled with a new very active instrument pointing directly to the epidermal exchanges and achieving a multiplier effect on the treatment benefits compare with other treatments with cosmetics or  appliances. Easy to use, hygienic and economical.

-Enpitsu is a microneedles treatment.

-It is the safer, faster and effective system of needles transdermal assets penetration.

-Enpitsu has a percussion needles system (electronically assisted)Opens thousands of micro channels automatically on the skin to facilitate the assets introduction while a mechanical stimulation of fibroblasts is performed. This allows to achieve different treatment benefits. 

The technique is painless. The needles can be used only once  and are sterile. Treatment must be done with gloves and mask.

The speed and depth of needles penetration can be regulated.

Self induced inflammatory reaction:
ENPITSU method stimulates the epidermis and this produces an epidermis self-regeneration.

 The micro-perforations caused a slight inflammation of the epidermis  that allows stimulating in a natural way the production of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans (including hyaluronic acid ) on the  dermis.

 The synthesis of these substances will allow a redensification of the epidermal tissue.

The increase of selective permeability of the epidermis and the receptivity of biologically active substances.

We get up to a 90% penetration of assets.


• Revitalizes skin adding essential assets.
• Improves blood circulation  and oxigenates epidermis. Illuminates skin.
• Nerves and muscles are stimulated.
• Improves  the creation of collagen and elastin.
• Decreases skin relaxation for the ageing process  and provides firmness.
• Improves assets penetration.
• Rejuvenates facial skin and seems less tired.
• The result is completely natural, without artificial or forced effect.
• Improve skin condition treatment after treatment
• Moisturizes and tones.
• The tone is unified.
• It reestrucures, redensifies and  tights sagging skin.
• Recovers skin elasticity and smoothes.
• This intensive treatment fights against premature signs of aging

All skin types.



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